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Are you ready to begin working one-on-one with Amina? If you haven’t scheduled an appointment before PLEASE BOOK A CONSULT to begin.


Initial Consult

This is where it all starts! This session is for ALL first time clients and students.
30 min

Intimacy Coaching

This sacred practice exists specifically to honor the divine feminine energy in all of us, whether through balancing the sacred masculine energy, or developing feminine arts, like tantra, intuition, orgasm, love and sensuality.
45 min

Conscious Erotic Communication (couples)

move beyond the 5 love languages and into a deeper, more ancestral practice of communication based on the lovers present needs. Learn to honor your own voice, to witness boundaries and to receive love in the way you desire and deserve.

Discovery Call

Goal discovery: Had a dream that needs clarity? A vision to share? A passion to indulge? This 15 minute self discovery call is perfect.
15 min

Yoni Egg Coaching

This session, which INCLUDES a yoni egg, moves you through the ins and outs of a yoni egg ritual, including cleansing, intention setting, meditation, breath connection and insertion. Please book 10 days in advance to ensure delivery of your yoni egg.

Uncoupling Ceremony

You are not breaking up, you are moving into different phases in life. You are not losing a lover, an experience is coming to an end.
Relationships don’t have to come to a close with the lover suffering. When the way you are moving no longer makes sense to continue, the energy of love can remain with a healing closing ceremony.

Other Online sessions

VIP Sessions

Divine Feminine Spaces

Amina has worked HARD over the years to create spaces that celebrate, honor and nurture the divine feminine, free of unrequited gaze.

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Bring me to YOUR bedroom!

Do you like to be watched? Clients who have completed couples intimacy coaching welcome me into their sensual spaces (digitally) where I read their sexual experience and provide feedback, tips and more!

Private Retreat

Amina welcomes current clients to explore more, experiencing abundant love with her and EJ in Hawaii. If you have been working with Amina for 6 months or longer and interested in more intimate settings and experiences — NOW IS THE TIME.

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When I say I absolutely love her classes. She offers a safe environment for you to really enjoy and learn about yourself and others. No subject is taboo and you can really experience being yourself with like minded individuals. I am a better woman more comfortable with my sexuality because of her classes.
– Selema P.

Amina is AMAZING! So knowledgeable, detailed & professional! Her energy is so welcoming & I am overly excited about becoming certified under her direction! I am thankful to know that I am being led on this new journey by her! 
– Angela D.

I’ve booked several sessions with Amina. Each of my sessions have addressed different, specific, needs but they’ve all resulted in me feeling loved, appreciated and aligned. From the opening conversation/consultation to the closing debrief, she is attentive and thorough in offering wholistic solutions that address each area of blockage. I also appreciate the ability to tailor sessions according to comfort level. 
– Lady Q

If you have found Amina, it is because the universe wants you to grow and evolve. That is the effect she has on everyone I know. She gives you not just what you need, and what will make you better, but gives these things and more with insight that is priceless. I have been a part of her Tantric Touch for the Professional LEVEL 1, and I think she gives more in than I could have ever asked for. Do your self a favor and book her now.
– Steven B.

Let’s be the love!

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