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Due to COVID, we have moved Tantra Tuesday to EVERY TUESDAY and ONLINE! These classes are LIVE STREAMED for our members.
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Finally for the first time ever, all of our classes will be available digitally. It is almost impossible to manage a live classroom and an online classroom simultaneously. Now that we are taking a break from live classrooms, this gives us an opportunity to make these classes accessible to EVERYONE. 

PLUS, until we are able to move freely as a community again, all of these classes are donation based. While the suggested donation is $20, I want you to attend without barriers. Those that can will pay more, and those who can’t will pay less. We all have to make some heavy decisions these days, and choosing between pleasure, enlightenment, food and safety shouldn’t be on the list.

Study Online:

Tantra 101

Tantra 101’s are mini entry level online courses that guide you through the basics of Tantra, preparing you for an orgasmic, abundant life. These are also prerequisites for my 3 certification courses.

• Intro to Tantra
• Earth Chakras
• Sky Chakras
• Intro to Meditation
• Intro to Pranayama
• Intro to Movement
• Sex and Liberation
• Orgasmic Energy

Cuddle Professional

Our Path to Liberation: Decolonizing Touch.

Register for this 4 week cuddle certification course (prerequisite: Intro to Tantra & Sex and Liberation). We are decolonizing the spaces where intimate healing lives, and in this course we will challenge your understanding of intimacy and how it can be witnessed.

Conscious Erotic Touch

Conscious Erotic Touch is a beautiful dance that infuses Tantric Meditation, Breath, Energy Work, and Sensual Somatic Touch of the WHOLE BODY. Abandoning Western Puritanical rules around sex and touch, a Conscious Erotic Touch practitioner invites the receiver into a spiritual experience. This 20-week certification prepares the practitioner to heal through their own path of erotic self actualization, embodiment and touch.

Sex Doula

Register for this 20-week certification course (prerequisite: Conscious Erotic Touch). A sex doula is a trained and skilled professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the lover before, during and after intense sexual experiences, to help her achieve the most healing and satisfying experience possible, someone who tends to your every need during an intense sexual awakening. In the same way that a birth doula is different than a midwife, a sexual doula is different than an actual wife/husband/significant other.

other classes:

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