who we are, what we do and where we are.

We are more than an institute. We are community.

The Atlanta Institute of Tantra & Divine Sexuality was born out of a communal need for a safe space for Black womxn to learn sacred sexual healing, practice tantra and live orgasmically while being seen beyond the white/male gaze and valued beyond fetishization in a culturally competent setting.

Healing is a communal responsibility. Imagine a world where herd immunity applies to sexual ignorance and trauma bonding. That is our vision.

Statement of Purpose & Code of Ethics

My work is deeply ancestral, intuitive and intimate. It does not push any agenda other than the healing my clients desire and deserve. It is not a part of any scientific model, nor does it set out to prove a theory. It is not governed by any boards, committees or professional associations. 

Instead, I am guided by intuition, spirit and the ancestors, and completely led by the needs of my clients, whom I view as friends and community. I have been called on this path to serve. I do all that I do in service to the community and ancestors. 

I recognize myself as a sovereign being, residing in the united states of America. The racist, misogynist, puritanical and patriarchal laws that govern this nation, are not recognized by nature and my healing is natural. While my goal is to not break any laws this country holds over my religion and spiritual practice, my unorthodox healing at times toes the darkest part of the grey lines. Love, not sex, is my commodity – and even though they both occupy a complex space, my work welcomes both as a spiritual and energetic experience that is larger than any definition of sex taught in the western world.

Love is my modality.

“notions of intimacy and sexuality are frequently turned completely around
from what we assume to be true.” – Sobonfu Somé

Love is not sterile. The designation “client” shall apply only in a therapeutic situation comprised of me and the client(s). Any other context I will refer to you however you are most comfortable, either simply as a friend, lover or member of the community. 

Love is communicative. I will discuss any objectives and parameters of the therapeutic relationship with the client so that the client may make informed decisions.

Love is not ownership. The therapeutic relationship I foster with my client is temporary; always within the context of the therapeutic and driven by the spiritual, physical and emotional welfare of the client. This relationship can end if it is terminated by mutual agreement or if the client voluntarily terminates the therapy.

Love is egoless. I will always recognize the boundaries and limitations of my competence. I will not attempt to use methods outside the range of my knowledge, training and experience. If I think that the client will benefit from any additional methods, I will communicate this to the client and refer out accordingly.

Love is harmless. I may use physical touch if we decide that touch based somatic approach to healing is desirable and appropriate. If I do so, I will always touch consciously and with the attitude to do no harm, with concern for the client’s growth; for the safety of both/all parties; and to honor the agreed boundaries established. I will co-create clear agreements with my client before engaging in any form of bodywork.

Love is not loud. I will respect, defend, and preserve the privacy of all information gained from my client. I will preserve the anonymity of Clients when using information for purposes of teaching, research, and supervision. The identity of a client, and all information received from or about him in the therapeutic situation shall not be communicated outside the healing space without the client’s written permission, except under the following conditions. Information about the client may be disclosed only:

  1. when there is a clear and imminent danger to individuals or society, and then only to appropriate professional colleagues or public authorities;
  2. for the purpose of professional consultation with appropriate professional colleagues, if the identities of individuals are disguised to protect confidentiality.
  3. for presentation of information to professional or lay groups, if the identities of individuals are disguised to protect confidentiality.

Love is safe. I hold and take full responsibility for adequate precautionary measures against the transmission of communicable diseases and infections. It is also my responsibility to determine that the client has taken similar precautions. I acknowledge the importance of physical, in addition to emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual well-being. To protect the health of both myself and my client, risk-reduction steps are taken to minimize any harm, in active collaboration with my client.  Any break in the skin (abrasions, infection, rash, cut etc.) will require a rescheduling of any touch sessions, for both my own and my clients’ protection. Any sessions and all group classes will always include education about hygiene protocol, with sufficient facilities/supplies provided to clients to maintain appropriate hygiene.

Love is caring. I will recognize any personal issues I may have that could possibly affect my work and take appropriate measures to protect and serve your clients by taking breaks from contact with clients. Spiritual, emotional and physical ailments must be resolved before resuming touching or coaching, and clients will be referred to other healers if I am incapacitated in anyway due to personal issues.

Love is consensual.  I recognize the importance of consent and choice in all interactions with individuals and groups. Clients will NEVER be required or coerced to participate in any activity, event or exercise. I will inform and educate my clients about consent and choice throughout our relationship and actively create learning environments where clients are empowered to exercise those skills.

Love is not greedy. I recognize the relationship between the healer and the healing as one of privilege and will never seek a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for healing work offered. I understand the inherent inequality of power we hold relative to clients in our role of practitioner/teacher and agree not to use this power for the sexual, emotional financial or spiritual exploitation of Clients.

Love is not lust. I will not seek to fulfill my erotic appetites with my client. In the therapeutic space erotic touch is unidirectional, healer to client.  If clients wish to learn and practice interpersonal erotic skills, I request they bring their partners or invite them to share and learn with a surrogate lover.  If I fulfill the role of surrogate, I am always conscious that, and make Clients conscious that, sessions will neither fulfill any desire for romantic sexual relationship outside of the professional setting.

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Goddess Amina and The Institute have been featured in several articles, radio shows and on screen. Tantra influences ALL aspects of being, from sex to work to prayer too healing. Read more below and learn!

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