Tantra, Intimacy & Sacred Sexuality

Welcome to the Atlanta Institute of Tantra & Divine Sexuality.
We are the only non-profit spiritual institution that centers Black women and our pleasure.

Intentional Community: This is a safe space for true, embodied kinship.

Rooted in the healing traditions of our ancestors, practiced in the sacred Tantric tradition, we perpetuate the advancement of love in our communities by being the love we desire.
Through touch, wellness, and sexuality, we work to dissolve fear and create fearless relationships, increasing our natural ability to love and expanding our community

“Healing is a communal responsibility. Imagine a world where herd immunity applies to sexual ignorance and trauma bonding. That is our vision.” – Goddess Amina Peterson

How Can We Serve You

Attend Workshops

Here at the Institute, we host a series of workshops and events where we center Blackness, while exploring embodiment, spirituality, sexuality, sensuality, pleasure & love. 
Due to COVID-19 lockdowns and to keep our community healthy and safe, we have moved all class, workshops and events online. Come play, learn and grow with us.

Book a Session

Want to work with Amina in a private, more intimate setting. Online and in-person healing Intimacy, from a spiritual perspective is available. Sacred Intimacy and Sex Coaching, Somatic Bodywork, Ancestral Sex Work and Erotic Embodiment can help you dissolve fear and other negative experiences and create fearless, empowered relationships.

Study with Us

We offer teaching and certifications on sacred sex work and touch used to arouse and heal individuals and couples at a cellular level. The courses are taught over 10 & 20-week spans as self study programs. At the end of the program, there is an opportunity to come together to live, learn and practice at a retreat setting.

Love is in the air, even though it feels a bit different this year. Let’s take advantage of the slowness of the moment and slow down our sex, be more conscious in our intimacy, sex, and connection. Let’s move beyond romance into a deep, shared space of conscious love (even if it’s “just a date” with yourself or even a new lover!)

Join Our Community

We are a membership based organization. Classes, workshops, and other modalities of healing are offered in the context of community. There are many ways to be in community with us and it is the heart work that we deserve. Understand the value of pleasure. Become a member today

With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we always lack enthusiastic volunteers. Please contact us for more info.

Meet the Director

Goddess Amina

Amina is the founder of the Atlanta Institute of Tantra and her private healing practice, Fearless Giving (formerly Tantra In Paradise). She is also the host of the Fix Your Sex Podcast. Amina started her sex work career in 1997 as a sexual surrogate, and continues her passionate healing as an intimacy coach, sex doula, tantric sex educator, sacred sex worker, somatic bodyworker, sexual revolutionary and activist.

The Atlanta Tantra Festival and Atlanta Institute of Tantra & Divine Sexuality publicly affirms a commitment to diversity and inclusion. Therefore, we welcome all, without regard to race, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, cultural background, social or economic status, family make-up, physical abilities, or age. We center Blackness and POC who are too often left out of conversations about sacred sexuality and healing, and all allies are encouraged to be a part of this community.